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What is included in the project

  • Scrum команда PM, Front-End/Back-End разработчики,
    UI/UX дизайнеры, QA тестировщики и SEO специалисты
  • Unique responsive design
  • Site control panel to choose from
  • Animation of site elements
  • Navigation menu
  • Video Gallery when required
  • Multilingual when required
  • Photo Gallery when required
  • Block of services / products
  • The possibility of buying
    a service / product through the site when required
  • Online payment when required
  • Delivery Methods
  • Customer Reviews
  • Countdown timer
  • Navigation map
  • Feedback form
  • Site attendance tracking when required
  • Corporate Email when required

to order a site

Landing Page

Price from:

1200 $

as a gift:

  • Hosting for 1 year
  • Technical support site for 2 months
  • Project Management Training
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Landing creation

In Ukraine, companies are actively exploring the virtual space, because it provides tremendous opportunities for business development and profit. Information posted on the Internet is quickly becoming available to many network users. Internet resources help not only inform potential customers about products, but also encourage them to purchase. Web sites allow you to assess the interest of consumers to a particular product and quickly respond to demand. One of the most effective tools of internet marketing is landing page.

Landing Page

What is a landing page

Landing page is a simple one-page site that is used for advertising and conversion. Conversion refers to the ratio of the total number of visitors to a resource to the number of those who performed any targeted actions on it – took part in a survey, filled out a questionnaire, left contact details, switched to another resource using the provided link or called the specified phone. Conversion is the main indicator of the effectiveness of the selling page. Companies seek to order a landing page also in order to arouse interest in the product and encourage the user to receive information about it. Landing page contains:

  • title;
  • visual information;
  • information about the product or service;
  • consumer reviews;
  • form for entering user data;
  • element prompting to action;
  • footer.

The first section provides information on the direction of the company, its success, stages of development, expansion of production and position relative to competitors. To increase the credibility of the organization helps positive feedback from its customers, employees and famous people. In the section on goods and services sold, the user can get acquainted with the range of products. Properly created site business card emphasizes the advantages of products and services, causing users interest in them. It contains high-quality photos, videos, convenient to read the price list and information about additional services. An important part of the site business cards are contact information. Thanks to them, the user can quickly contact a company representative to ask questions or place an order. We need a business card site for both large companies and representatives of small and medium businesses. It helps to find the target audience for professionals and entrepreneurs who independently provide services – to lawyers, graphic artists, designers, hairdressers, foreign language teachers, doctors. Owners of beauty salons, dance studios, various courses and repair shops buy a business card site. Resource helps businessmen to attract more customers.


Advantages of Landing Page

Companies order a selling page to:

  • significantly increase sales;
  • to expand the target audience;
  • create a database of regular customers;
  • get contacts of interested consumers;
  • subscribe users to the newsletter;
  • estimate the demand for goods.

The landing page loads quickly, even if internet speed is low. Immediately gaining access to the site, the user most often gets acquainted with its contents. Landing has a simple and intuitive navigation. Therefore, it gently pushes the visitor to commit the target action. The conversion of a one-page website exceeds the conversion of a full-fledged web resource several times. Landing cost is lower. A selling page is considered very effective if its conversion is 15%. But even a small conversion value (2-4%) allows you to increase revenues and justify the cost of creating a one-page site. Since the cost of the resource is affordable, it is ordered not only by large companies, but also by representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. Landing page businessmen who sell rare and specific products, owners of beauty salons, sports clubs, cafes and restaurants buy a landing page. With the help of the landing page in Kiev, new customers are attracted by tour operators, designers, owners of repair shops and dance studios. If the company does not have a website yet, a one-page website will replace it. You can make a full-fledged site with a large number of landing pages from a landing page.

Why we

Why you need to order a landing page from us

Order landing page in Kiev is better in a professional web studio. Our company employs experienced professionals who know how to create a selling page with high conversion. They will develop a turnkey landing page using advanced modern technologies. Our marketers will analyze the market segment, determine the target audience and its needs. Web designers will make a beautiful page design that attracts the attention of users. Experienced copywriters will prepare a unique, easily readable text, and programmers will make easy navigation. Our experts will take into account all the wishes of the client. By purchasing a landing page in our company, you can attract a huge number of new customers and significantly increase sales. A product made to order will differ significantly from similar resources, standing out among them. Therefore, it will interest users. Order landing page in Kiev at any convenient time. Since our company has reasonable prices, site creation services are available to everyone. The selling page will be prepared as soon as possible. Our programmers will definitely test the product. They will appreciate its performance, ease of navigation and conversion. By purchasing a turnkey landing page, you can avoid unnecessary trouble, mistakes and unforeseen expenses.

Unique design

Observing all the rules of online fashion and style


We analyze the nature of your users.

Responsive Front-End

Because more than 50% of users access your site from a phone

Comfortable CMS

We carefully consider every detail.

Seo optimization

We build websites and optimize them correctly.


Order a website and get 2 months of technical support as a gift

    *We guarantee full confidentiality of all information provided to us.

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