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Specialists of the company Future will make a web resource of any complexity for you! The cost of the site is calculated immediately after discussing all the details with the customer, and the final price of its production will pleasantly surprise and delight.
Our development services
Development strategy
Development strategy
Business research before website development

Our web studio deeply analyzes the client's business before creating a website. It is important for us to understand how your business works, what makes it special for the target audience and the market, what its strengths and weaknesses are.

SCRUM reporting

Web Studio Future uses flexible methodologies to regularly provide the client with formalized reports on the progress and status of the project, the cost of creating a site, and other nuances. Order a website in Kyiv, and our web studio will give you maximum opportunities to develop your business on the Internet. You can clarify the cost of developing the site, as well as find out the prices for other services by phone or through the online chat form.

Use of the latest IT technologies

We use modern programming and optimization technologies, introduce new functionality and online services into our products in order to provide the customer with maximum opportunities for using the site.

Website optimization for search engines

Development a successful online business is impossible if it remains invisible to the big search engines like Google and Bing. The web studio conducts an SEO audit of the site at the stage of its development in order to adapt the resource to the requirements of search engines and make it visible to users.

Technical support on an ongoing basis

After the launch of the site, we provide one month of technical support for free and then with the ability to connect the service separately for a small fee.

UX & UI design
UX & UI design

Design is the stage of choosing a technology stack and software development methodology, determining the timing and resources for project implementation. The design phase involves creating the site map structure, wireframe modeling, layout planning, including user interface design.

It includes the organization of the website structure, the number of pages and features that will be linked depending on their importance , and what content and features should be rolled out with the first release. At the end of the design, we prepare a prototype site on a turnkey basis in Kyiv, which includes a schematic representation of the pages with the location of all elements: infoblocks, menu panels, buttons, and other things necessary to prepare the final design layout.

Our company makes a very big emphasis on the visual part of the site. Statistics show that clients stay longer on the site if the design is done competently and with its own unique flavor

A web designer works on the appearance, layout and, in some cases, on the content of the site. The main task is to make the web design easy to use, convenient for visitors and unlike competitors' sites, while respecting the brand book of the client's company.

In order for the site to work well on both desktops and mobile devices, we develop a unique responsive design. Responsive design moves content dynamically based on screen size, so you can easily view your site from a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Technological Front-End
Technological Front-End
Cross browser and adaptability

The typesetter is engaged in typesetting and, if necessary, the programmer. The first analyzes the graphic design of the site, selects the appropriate template and creates it on HTML / CSS / JS, is responsible for cross-browser and adaptability.

The programmer connects to work in case it is necessary to develop a unique function which is not included in the list of standard. For example - a calculator with formulas.

Back-End development
Back-End development
Briefly what is happening «under the hood»

Development is the stage at which the external and internal components of the website are connected.

The process starts with designing the main page and then the inner pages. The focus is on the navigational structure of the site. Interactive feedback forms, the option of ordering goods and other options become functional due to the integration of the layout into the content management system. The development team launches the process of all project coding functions using the SCRUM methodology in order to achieve a high speed of turnkey website development.

Thanks to this, the client can see how each stage of the project is being carried out, he can at any time see what is already done, what is being done and what will be done. As a result, upon completion of this stage, the client receives an alpha version of the project.

A convenient, stable, multifunctional site - both clients and employees of the company will be pleased to work with such a tool. Thoughtfulness to the smallest detail is a hallmark of web development at Future.

Support 1 month FREE
Support 1 month FREE
A series of tests includes all the functions of the site

Testing is one of the important steps in the web development process. At this stage, developers test the functionality of all elements of the website. The goal is to find possible issues such as broken links or incorrect display of the mobile version and fix them.

Testing includes integration testing, stress testing, scalability testing, load testing, resolution testing and cross-browser testing. As soon as manual and automatic testing is completed, the landing page is ready to be launched on the server.

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How long does it take to development a website?

Website development from scratch takes an average of 3-4 months, but it can take 8-10 months depending on the complexity of the project, customer requirements and other nuances. The term and price are discussed with the client individually.

How much does website creation cost?

The price depends on its type, development technology, the need to connect third-party services and applications, design features and other factors. On average we charge $30 / hour

How is website development going?

Website development begins with communication with the client, clarification of the goals and objectives of the project, clarification of the requirements and wishes of the customer. After that, we analyze the client’s business, develop a project plan, create a prototype, work on the design, implement unique tools, services and applications, test and train the client’s employees to work with the platform after its launch.