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What is Future web studio and what we do
What is Future web studio and what we do

Even the most successful entrepreneur with an offline business understands that today one cannot do without a website on the Internet. Entrusting the development of an Internet resource to a web studio in this case would be the right decision. But due to the specifics of the process of creating a new site, you should understand some of the nuances and stages of the work of the Future studio.

Two-Way Communication: Negotiation and Compromise
Two-Way Communication: Negotiation and Compromise
Perfect Interaction

Often, customers who have never dealt with website development before or have only encountered it indirectly do not fully understand what result they want to get and what part of the work the web studio specialists are responsible for. It is very important to find a common language here. Despite the fact that the CEO and founder of the company understand their business much better and can tell you about all the intricacies of the production process, their competence in website development may not be enough. Therefore, in order for the negotiations not to turn into a headache for both parties, a compromise must be found.

For example, the customer liked the bright and colorful design of a restaurant. He asks to make a similar site, but for an online cosmetics store. How realistic would such a task be? Of course, in Ukraine there is a web studio ready to fulfill an order, but whether such a project will bring benefits and results is a big question.

The customer always has the last word, but this does not mean that you should neglect the advice of experts Ideal interaction is when the client talks in detail about the distinctive features of the product, and the studio staff offers a step-by-step implementation of the project, taking into account the wishes of the client.

What does the web studio offer?
What does the web studio offer?
Only qualified specialists

The services of a web studio for creating websites may differ depending on the company's policy. Some offer an integrated approach, while others set a separate price list for each stage of website development. In addition, it should be borne in mind that some projects require an individual approach and competent highly specialized specialists. More often this applies to online services with advanced functionality, but not everyone is able to cope with this. Fortunately, there are no impossible tasks for the Future web studio, here you can order:

  • landing-page;
  • corporate website;
  • business card site;
  • online store;
  • a project that requires an individual approach.

In Future, the client is always can count on the support of qualified specialists who will help in the implementation of a project of any complexity.

The main steps in website development
The main steps in website development
Future is a web studio in Kyiv, which you can entrust with the implementation of the most complex project

Before proceeding directly to development, you should find the best web studio in Kyiv and deal with the main stages of the project. You have already completed the first task, so let's move on to the second and consider the main steps , without which it is impossible to create a quality resource.

  • Formation of technical specifications. The client talks in detail about the features of his product, after which the studio employees form a phased project implementation plan and agree it with the customer.
  • Design processing. Web studio designers responsible for UI / UX in Kyiv, they prepare a website layout with the main menu pages, conversion blocks and other structural elements, taking into account the wishes of the client in terms of graphic design.
  • Layout. After the design is approved, a layout designer takes over, turning the layouts into HTML code. At this stage, the client can already pre-evaluate the work of the site in different browsers.
  • CMS connection. There are several resource administration solutions that the web studio offers: a site on a ready-made platform (WordPress , Opencart! and others), using frameworks (Yii and Laravel) and Node.js, React.js libraries or individual CMS development according to the client's requirements. The use of certain technologies is negotiated at the stage of formation of the TS.

There are no insignificant trifles for the Your Future team - specialists pay due attention to every detail, from analysis of the target audience to technical requirements for a specific product.

Future is a web studio in Kyiv, which you can entrust with the implementation of the most complex project. We focus on a transparent pricing policy, respect for data confidentiality when working with clients and an integrated approach to website development with quality control at each stage.