Development corporate website

A corporate website is a powerful tool for creating a positive image of a company on the Internet, strengthening its position in the market and increasing the loyalty of the target audience.

Improves the image and recognition of the company

Created on the basis of the corporate identity of the company, the corporate website increases brand awareness among potential customers, helps to stand out from competitors and occupy a niche in the market.

Attracts new customers and partners

The company's corporate website increases its reputation in the eyes of potential customers and partners, because it speaks of modernity and openness, readiness for cooperation. The contact section, feedback form or online chat on the site are all tools that open access to a direct dialogue between the company, client and partner.

Trust in the company grows

The corporate website provides the most complete information about the company, its products and services. This may be the history of the company's development, information about management and employees, a catalog of goods and services with a detailed description, additional information for partners, and much more.

Етапи розробки корпоративного сайту

Interview with the client
Interview with the client
Concept and definition of customer needs

During the first meeting with the client, before ordering a corporate website, we discuss the main requirements, nuances and features of the future project. It is important for us to understand the specifics of the client's business and its niche in the market, the features of the product or service, the needs and demands of the target audience, and to identify the main competitors.

To do this, the customer needs to answer 10 questions:

  • Why do you need a corporate website?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who are your competitors?< /li>
  • What is special about your business?
  • What is the site visited by you?
  • How do you want to track traffic?
  • How will you create content ?
  • What competitor resources do you consider successful and successful?
  • What are the requirements for functionality and applications?
  • Do you have any design experience or any materials that can be useful?
The interview ends with the formation of a general technical task, the definition of preliminary terms and cost of developing the company's website.

Business research before website development

At the research stage, we deeply dive into the specifics of the client's business, study the target audience and competitors in order to understand how to create a corporate website with an original design that is attractive and useful for potential clients and partners of the client's company.

What we do:

  • define the target audience;
  • analyze the market and niche competitiveness in the online environment;
  • analyze competitors, their sites and products on the Internet;
  • calculate the potential volume of traffic on the example of sites of successful competitors, in order to understand what indicators can be achieved;
  • we form a query vertical to build the site architecture and collect the semantic core;
  • analyze the link mass to form the correct link promotion strategy;
  • we collect the semantic core for further SEO promotion of the site.
The study allows you to evaluate the amount of work, develop the terms of reference for the project, and form a budget and set deadlines.

UX & UI design
UX & UI design

The creative process of creating an organization's website design usually begins with sketches and brainstorming sessions within the UX/UI design team. A functional layout is created for each tab.

When creating a design, we are guided by the customer's brand book in order to create a corporate website that reflects the style and values ​​of the company as much as possible. The customer expresses his opinion on the preliminary design project, gives any comments on the changes that need to be implemented, indicates what elements still need to be worked on. After accepting all the changes by the client, the designer prepares the final version of the design and submits it for layout.

Designing is one of the important steps in creating a corporate website. For a complete specification of the project, the customer provides all the necessary and available materials and terms of reference.

FUTURE specialists:

  • create the concept of the information architecture of the site;
  • work out user scenarios;
  • determine the material resources to be used on the website: photos, logos, graphics, multimedia files, text files, etc.;
  • determine the language versions in which the resource will be displayed;
  • determine the type of content management system:  Magento, Wordpress, PHP, Laravel;
  • specify the requirement to be able to log into the site (from the position of an administrator, client), the presence of additional modules and functions (for example, a search engine, a calculator, quick payment, a calendar with complex functionality) ;
  • compose a detailed description of technical issues related to hosting, server or Internet domain.

At this stage, the need for technical support of the site after the launch and the provision of other additional services is also specified .

Technological Front-End
Technological Front-End
Cross browser and adaptability

The typesetter is engaged in typesetting and, if necessary, the programmer. The first analyzes the graphic design of the site, selects the appropriate template and creates it on HTML / CSS / JS, is responsible for cross-browser and adaptability.

The programmer connects to work in case it is necessary to develop a unique function which is not included in the list of standard. For example - a calculator with formulas.

Back-End development
Back-End development
Briefly what is happening «under the hood»

During the layout of the site, the Back End developer integrates a CMS or Framework into it, adds the necessary functionality and implements his own scenarios, for example: navigation through categories, operation of internal search and search filters, adding goods to the basket, connecting online payment on the site, synchronization with 1C /CRM and more

Content filling
Filling with content or transferring from the old site
Free your hands

We fill the pages with graphic and informational content, add photos and videos, texts that are useful to site visitors. Text materials are written on the basis of the semantic core, all graphic elements are placed in the logical structure of the site, after which they undergo internal optimization.

When transferring content from the old site, we save all active links in the texts so that there are no 404 errors when clicking on them and traffic is not lost. If the URLs change, we create a 301 redirect map from the old URLs to the new ones so we don't lose your traffic. After that, our SEO specialists update the content and optimize it for the requirements of search engines.

A series of tests includes all the functions of the site

Testing is one of the important steps in the web development process. At this stage, developers test the functionality of all elements of the website. The goal is to find possible issues such as broken links or incorrect display of the mobile version and fix them.

Testing includes integration testing, stress testing, scalability testing, load testing, resolution testing and cross-browser testing. As soon as manual and automatic testing is completed, the landing page is ready to be launched on the server.


How much does it cost to develop a corporate website?

The price of a corporate website in the FUTURE web studio is specified after the preparation of the technical assignment of the project, when the scope of work and the timing of its implementation are clear.

What are the terms for developing a corporate website?

The term for creating an enterprise website depends on the complexity of the project, the requirements for functionality and content. The standard development time is three to four months.

What to choose Corporate Website or Landing Page?

A corporate website demonstrates services or products, creates a positive image, expands the customer base, solves the problem of attracting new customers and partners, searching for personnel, and much more. Landing Page is a business card site, the task of which is to encourage the visitor to take action. The one-page will be relevant when you need to sell a product or service as part of a promotion, you need to attract visitors to the event, get contacts for feedback.

What is the difference between an online store and a corporate website?

An online store has a more complex structure, contains an extended set of modules, provides automation of business processes, and allows visitors to buy goods with a non-cash payment method. The corporate site does not offer such opportunities and performs other functions: forming the image of the company and providing information about it, its products and services.