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What is included in the project

  • Scrum команда PM, Front-End/Back-End разработчики,
    UI/UX дизайнеры, QA тестировщики и SEO специалисты
  • Unique responsive design
  • Site control panel to choose from
  • Animation of site elements
  • Multilingual when required
  • Catalog of products / services
  • Search products by filters
  • The possibility of buying
    a service / product through the site
  • Online payment
  • Delivery Methods
  • Cart
  • User account
  • Purchase history
  • Individual discounts to customers
  • WishList
  • Stock status
  • Synchronization with CRM system when required
  • 1 click order
  • Product Tags
  • Product Reviews
  • Search with auto upload results
  • Conversion of all prices at the rate when required
  • Geo user definition when required
  • Photo Gallery when required
  • Video Gallery when required
  • Navigation menu
  • News module
  • Navigation map
  • Feedback form
  • Site attendance tracking when required

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eCommerce Website

Price from:

3999 $

as a gift:

  • Hosting for 1 year
  • Technical support site for 2 months
  • Project Management Training
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Creating an online store

Online stores are steadily increasing sales, leaving behind traditional outlets. Therefore, not only large companies, but also representatives of small and medium businesses are striving to create an online store in Ukraine. In order for the virtual marketplace to quickly attract the attention of buyers and help to get a good income, it must be created competently. It is better to contact a professional web studio, which is engaged in the creation of turnkey online stores. </ P>

eCommerce Website

What is an online store

The online store is the equivalent of a traditional retail outlet. It differs only in the way goods are sold. If in a regular store the goods are laid out on shop windows in a specially equipped room, then in the online store the products are in stock. A visitor to a virtual outlet gets acquainted with the assortment on a specially created site. Quality photos and videos allow you to view products from all sides. They convey the color of the goods with high accuracy. Product information is contained in the description, description or instructions. If the information on the site is not enough for the buyer, he can write a message or request a call back. Sales assistant will answer all customer questions. As in a regular store, the buyer can put the selected items in the basket and place an order. Using the bank service of non-cash payments, he can immediately pay for the purchase. Many online stores offer delivery. If a delivery service is ordered, the purchased goods will be delivered in the near future to the address specified by the client. On the website of the online store there are 5 main types of pages:

  • Home;
  • directory page;
  • product listing page;
  • specific product page (product card);
  • inner page.

The focus is on home page design. After reading this page, the user decides whether to continue on the resource. The type of catalog depends on the number of types of goods. It can be single and multi-level. The product listing page contains a list of products of the same type. On the product card there is an image of the product, its description and characteristics. The internal page may contain information about the company. At the request of the customer, additional pages can be created – “list of brands”, “new products”, “popular products”. Order online store first of all companies that sell standardized products. It is convenient to buy accessories, dishes, toys, parts, devices and various accessories in the online store. On the Internet sites also successfully sell clothing and shoes. However, selling these types of goods is more difficult. Unlike standardized products, clothes and shoes should be tried on.


Advantages of online stores

The main advantages of online stores are:

  • no need to rent retail space;
  • no need to hire a large number of sales assistants;
  • high startup rate of the outlet;
  • large audience reach;
  • round-the-clock availability;
  • low cost online store;
  • a wide range of products;
  • optimization of trading processes;
  • low cost of maintaining the resource;
  • the ability to collect and analyze information about the demand for goods.

Since the showcases in the online store are virtual, there is no need to purchase or rent premises for the placement of trading floors. The owner also saves on furniture, shop windows and other commercial equipment. In the online store information about products, the user studies on their own. He refers to the seller-consultant only in case of emergency. Therefore, one or several people can be hired for customer service. If a turnkey online store was created, it can be fully exploited in a few days. To open a regular store, you need to get a lot of permissions and approvals. In Kiev, this may take more than one month. Online resources are made available to many people. Therefore, immediately after the creation of an online store in Kiev, the first customers appear. Since the number of active Internet users is constantly increasing in Ukraine, the number of visitors also becomes more day by day. Since the virtual store operates around the clock, orders arrive at any time of the day or night. After all, to get acquainted with the range of products, you only need to have access to the Internet. Therefore, people make orders while on vacation outside the city, in a nightclub, gym, restaurant or transport. Unlike regular stores, on holidays, many online outlets experience the same activity as on weekdays. The price for creating an online store is incomparably less than the total cost of repairing the premises, purchasing equipment and obtaining permits. Owners of online stores do not pay rent and utilities in the retail space. They pay only the work of 1-3 sales assistants and hosting. Since a huge number of products can be placed in virtual windows, the range of products in the online store is very large. Not every storage room can accommodate so many products. Therefore, they often sell in the online store under the order. In this case, the products are delivered directly from the warehouse of the manufacturer. The main advantage of the online store is the speed of processing applications and placing an order. Thanks to automation, a customer can buy a product in a few minutes. Virtual outlet allows you to collect information on the number of views of certain goods. Based on the results of the analysis, the store owner can change the range of products, preferring products that are in demand.

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The advantages of creating a turnkey online store in our company

You can order an online store cheaply in our web studio. Professional programmers, designers, webmasters, copywriters and SEO experts will create a virtual point of sale, using the best service to create an online store and advanced modern technology. Our experts will develop an original design that will attract the attention of buyers. Experienced copywriters will prepare easily readable text, and programmers will make a convenient search engine that allows you to quickly find the desired category of goods. We will take into account all the wishes of the client. When developing an online store, we use functional commercial CMS-systems. Therefore, the resource is easily customizable, amenable to modification and expansion. Our experts create a convenient for perception admin part, which even a novice can understand. We not only make a turnkey online store, but also provide its technical support. Our experts will help clients to cope with any difficulties encountered in managing the resource. Creating an online store from scratch and turnkey does not take much time. Prices in our company are reasonable, so the service is available to everyone. The resource created by us will help attract a large number of new customers and significantly increase sales. You can order a virtual trading platform at any convenient time. At the time of ordering an online store, the development cost will be immediately determined. After creating a resource, our experts will test it. Ordering an online store in a professional web studio, you can avoid unnecessary trouble, mistakes and additional costs.

Unique design

Observing all the rules of online fashion and style


We analyze the nature of your users.

Responsive Front-End

Because more than 50% of users access your site from a phone

Comfortable CMS

We carefully consider every detail.

Seo optimization

We build websites and optimize them correctly.


Order a website and get 2 months of technical support as a gift

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