Order business card site

Ordering a business card website is a convenient way to present a company, brand or product on the Internet at a much lower cost than when developing a full-fledged multi-page website.

Minimum development time

The development of a business card site takes about 1-2 months, while the production of a multi-page site can take up to 5 months. The time of the project implementation is influenced by the requirements of the customer, the presence or absence of a ready technical assignment.

The ability to customize the site at any time

A business card site is easy to launch and can be modified as needed after launch, saving a lot of time compared to developing a full-fledged website.

Low cost in comparison with the development of other sites

Creating a business card site is much cheaper than a full-fledged resource, the production of which requires more time, more resources and the use of more sophisticated technologies.

Етапи розробки сайт-візитки

Interview with the client
Interview with the client
Concept and definition of customer needs

The creation of a business card website at the FUTURE studio in Kyiv begins with an interview with a client. It is important for us to understand why the customer needs his site, for what purposes, what audience it will be designed for, as well as to understand the features of the client's business, learn about its competitors and determine the main requirements and wishes regarding the project.

Business research before website development

We dive into the specifics of the client's business, study the target audience and competitors in order to understand how to create an exclusive business card website that is attractive and useful for visitors.

What we do:

  • determine the target audience;
  • we form a portrait of an ideal client;
  • analyze the market and the niche of the customer's company;
  • analyze competitors, their sites and products on the Internet;
  • calculate the potential volume traffic on the example of sites of successful competitors, in order to understand what indicators can be achieved.
At this stage, the technical project is prepared, the terms and budget are confirmed. the timing of the development of the project so that it has maximum information before ordering a business card site.

UX & UI design
UX & UI design

Design development begins with the production of a layout for a business card site. The layout shows the placement of elements on the page and is used as the basis for the final design.

After the layout is ready, the designer starts working on the site elements, adding infoblocks and images to give the project team and the client an idea how the site will look like in the end.

Design is necessary to create the technical specifications of the project and prepare a detailed technical assignment.

To do this, we:

  • form the concept of the site layout;
  • develop custom scenarios;
  • we clarify the need to create several language versions, connect the admin panel, additional modules and functions.

At the end of the stage, we provide the customer with a prototype business card site for business with a schematic image content blocks, buttons, menus and other elements.

Technological Front-End
Technological Front-End
Cross browser and adaptability

The typesetter is engaged in typesetting and, if necessary, the programmer. The first analyzes the graphic design of the site, selects the appropriate template and creates it on HTML / CSS / JS, is responsible for cross-browser and adaptability.

The programmer connects to work in case it is necessary to develop a unique function which is not included in the list of standard. For example - a calculator with formulas.

Back-End development
Back-End development
Briefly what is happening «under the hood»

During the layout of the site, the Back End developer integrates a CMS or Framework into it, adds the necessary functionality and implements his own scenarios, for example: navigation through categories, operation of internal search and search filters, adding goods to the basket, connecting online payment on the site, synchronization with 1C /CRM and more

Content filling
Filling with content or transferring from the old site
Free your hands

We fill the pages with graphic and informational content, add photos and videos, texts that are useful to site visitors. Text materials are written on the basis of the semantic core, all graphic elements are placed in the logical structure of the site, after which they undergo internal optimization.

When transferring content from the old site, we save all active links in the texts so that there are no 404 errors when clicking on them and traffic is not lost. If the URLs change, we create a 301 redirect map from the old URLs to the new ones so we don't lose your traffic. After that, our SEO specialists update the content and optimize it for the requirements of search engines.

A series of tests includes all the functions of the site

Testing is one of the important steps in the web development process. At this stage, developers test the functionality of all elements of the website. The goal is to find possible issues such as broken links or incorrect display of the mobile version and fix them.

Testing includes integration testing, stress testing, scalability testing, load testing, resolution testing and cross-browser testing. As soon as manual and automatic testing is completed, the landing page is ready to be launched on the server.


Which site to choose to quickly start a business?

A business card website is the best choice for quickly launching a business on the Internet. It does not require large expenses and a lot of time for development, it allows you to quickly fill the page with content and make changes at any time after launch.

What are the terms for developing a business card site?

Making a business card site takes about two months, depending on the complexity of the project, customer requirements and other nuances. The term of development is negotiated with the client individually.

How much does a business card website cost?

The cost of a business card site depends on whether the resource will be developed from scratch, it will need SEO optimization, strategy development, promotion and maintenance after launch.

What to choose a business card site or landing page?

A landing page is a site that has all the information about a company, product or service on one page, while a business card can have one or more pages with different sections for different products and offers.